Stockham gate valves

January 9, 2017

Chemical plants, steel mills, shipyards, refineries, pulp and paper mills, and utilities have also found that Stockham iron body valves do the job better and longer . Stockham bronze valves have been specifie installe and are proven performers. Stockham Bronze Gate Valve – Installation, Operation and Maintenance .

Customers in North America know the Stockham brand for their dependable quality bronze, cast iron, cast steel,. Bronze, cast iron and cast steel gate valves . Cast carbon steel gate valves from Stockham serve as efficient stop valves with flow in either direction. They are commonly used where a minimum pressure .

Stockham provides bronze and iron gate, globe, angle and check valves, as well as ball, butterfly and cast steel valves, to the building services industry. Select, price and buy Stockham bronze gate valves online! Large selection of valves in stock.

Stockham valves are known for dependable quality bronze, cast iron, cast steel, ball and butterfly valves, gate, globe, angle, and check valves. Stockham Gate valves serve as efficient stop valves with flow in either direction. They are commonly used where a minimum pressure drop is important and . Cut Sheets: Stockham Cast Steel Valves.

Flanged End – Stockham cast steel gate valves are available in flanged end. All flanged end valves are designed to conform to ASME B16.

Stockham is committed to setting the standard in quality service to. ACCESSORIES—Stockham iron body valves. Stockham iron body valves are proven performers in mechanical systems of commercial buildings throughout. Class: Valves Gate Manufacturer: Stockham Materials: Iron Model No: F5Part Number: 29802.

Mueller 100-0Brass Gate Valve, 4-Inch. Apollo 4A50402F Bronze Freeze Resistant Pressure Vacuum Breaker with Ball Valve and SAE Threaded . At Automated Valve Equipment Co. We invite you to contact us to explore . Find great deals for Stockham Cast Iron Gate Valve Model G6125s 2WOG Bronze Trim.

This valve has never been used or installed. It is available for pick-up in Central and South Florida or can be shipped anywhere around the country. Buy online or find out more at Richmond Industrial .

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