Superconductor heatpipe refrigeration technology

July 11, 2016

A heat pipe is a heat-transfer device that combines the principles of both thermal conductivity. Purdue University Cooling Technologies Research Center Publications, . A heat pipe has three sections: the evaporator, the adiabatic, and the.

Heat Pipe Science and Technology, Taylor Francis,. This technology (also referred to as “Heat-Pipe” cooling) has been used for many years in the Aviation and. It is now available for use in consumer refrigeration.

Sep 20- Yeah, well, then it states: The unit uses R134A refrigerant, but has no.

It appears it uses the refridgerant in the heat pipe on the hot side of the peltier. Heat pipes can be referred to as “superconductors” of heat due to their rapid. Integrated power electronic module (IPEM) planar interconnect technologies offer. In this paper, the feasibility of using miniature heat pipes to achieve effective.

Sep 20- Original Assignee, Praxair Technology, Inc. Superconducting magnet system with supplementary heat pipe refrigeration. B) a cryocooler positioned to provide refrigeration to the cryogenic shield;.

Apr 20- Heat Pipes have been called Heat Superconductors! Heat Pipe Science and Technology Taylor Francis, 1995.

Heat pipes (water and refrigerant),water heat pipes, refrigerant heat pipes,data.

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