Thetford cassette toilet won’t flush

August 5, 2014

Thetford Toilet Won’t Flush – posted in Caravan Toilet: Just got back from a trip. I found a amp fuse at the back of the hatch for the cassette, . Caravan Toilet: Hi All We’re back from a very pleasant few weeks.

Thetford toilet stopped operating a couple of days ago. Mine was a amp blade fuse that slotted into the roof of the cassette . Tried swapping fuses and troubleshooting boards. A very quick, hastily thrown together video of how I got my thetford cassette toilet to flush again. Free repair help – thetford cassette toilet wont flush. Help my Thetford Loo won’t flush years weeks ago #351920.

When our GTtoilet would not work it was also a flush button fault – I think we’d . Peter’s advice above is correct but only if the model is a CCassette Toilet. Last week our thetford C2toilet stopped flushing I’ve put a. Gallery Images: hi, my Thetford toilet won’t flush, iv changed the fuse. I remove cassette which is located top left of .

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