Triton mixer shower dripping

July 21, 2015

Triton Tesla Thermostatic Bar Mixer Shower. The film is about simple everyday concerns such as dripping spouts,. Can I use a T22i pump to supply water to three mixer showers?

Why is water constantly dripping from my shower head? Hi, I have a Triton mixer shower (not sure of the model number) which has just started to drip from the shower head. Hi Folks, I’m looking for some help with my Triton mixer shower.

The shower is dripping away when the valve is tight closed.

Triton Alcor mixer shower dripping constantlypostsMay 2015Dripping shower. Water leaking from showerhead and overflow. The pressure relief device has likely blown. Mar 20- i`m just after a rough idea how much it would cost to have my leaking shower repaired before i ring round.

We recently had our Bristan thermostatic mixer shower replaced due to constant dripping from the showerhead. Leaking from thermostatic cartridge.

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