Triton mixer shower problems

September 14, 2016

This time, George lists common problems with mixer showers like stiff controls, dripping shower head or. Is your pressure compensating mixer shower compatible with a thermal store hot water. If an out of guarantee shower unit has a fault, what can be done?

If the fault has been present since the mixer was installed. Apr 20- Showerforce 902-T Thermostatic mixer shower produces only lukewarm water. However, the mixer is red hot to the touch at point of connection . I have a Triton Thermostatic concentric mixer shower fitting fed directly from my combi boiler.

The flow control has become very stiff to open and . Problems will only arise when one or the other of the supplies is of a different pressure. How to solve common shower problems, understand the different types of shower (mixer showers, power showers, electric showers) and how they can go . We have range of different shower types available, featuring mixer, electric, digital and power showers. Who better to fix your shower than the people who built it? Whichever Mira shower model you have, our Fixed Price Service offers you . By choosing your shower type and then comparing our list of fault symptoms.

Dec 20- I’m a non-expert trying to understand some problems with our Triton Dove shower:.

Should I go straight to replacing the thermostatic cartridge? I’m having some problems with the shower in the house I rent. If tap pressure and temp are fine then it’s probably the mixer bar. Mixer showers are supplied with hot and cold water and these supplies can vary in temperature and pressure.

A pressure-balanced mixer shower recognises . May 20- A thermostatic mixer shower incorporates a pre-set thermostat that will sense a dramatic. Thermostatic Shower Fault Diagnosis Servicing. Hi I have a Triton Dart thermostatic mixer for the shower fed from a Combi. The shower temp is cool when turned fully on.

Both the combi boiler and Triton Mixer shower are both just under a year ol. He said that any problems whilst under gurantee we would need to deal with . This mixer shower is designed for high pressure systems. Service Advisor will attempt to diagnose the fault and confirm.

First check that the main valve coming into your house is fully open. Then check all the valves on the line to the shower is fully open.

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