Triton showers troubleshooting

January 31, 2017

If there is not enough mains water pressure to operate an electric shower. My Triton electric shower is under warranty and has a fault, what is the procedure? By choosing your shower type and then comparing our list of fault symptoms against yours, you should be able to identify the problem.

In this quick guide, George lists most common electric shower. Electric shower problems: most common. Apr 20- Has anyone else had problems with these showers.

Called to loads of these with complaints of going hot and cold.

In this blog we provide you with solutions to some of the common issues that may arise with your Triton Electric Shower. If the thought of DIY turns your blood . Have electric shower problems and don’t know what to do? Then follow this guide of top information to help you on what should be done in order to save cost.

The power shower has gone on the blink, it is not coming out at the usualflow and also it is too hot. Any ideas as to what it could be,as hubby . Pingback: Wanna Buy Triton Aspirante Electric Shower 9. Whether the shower is running too col hot or not at all a replacement part is often.

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