Victaulic 753 a dry actuator

June 25, 2014

Series 7Dry Valve with Series 753-A Dry Actuator –. The following instructions are a guide for proper installation of Victaulic Series 7Dry Valves. Victaulic’s FireLock Solenoid Actuator designed for use with a FireLock preaction sprinkler system and deluge sprinkler system.

The Victaulic Series 7Dry Valve is a low differential, latched clapper valve that. Series 753-A Dry Actuator – The Series 753-A Dry Actuator maintains the water in the piston, con- trolled by the system air pressure, in pneumatic actuation . Webb – 1Years of Industrial, Commercial, Residential Selection, Expertise Solutions. The Victaulic Series 7Dry Accelerator is a pneumatically actuated valve that can be. Preaction Valves that utilize a 753-A Dry Actuator, 7Low Pressure .

May 20- Victaulic is a registered trademark of Victaulic company. Mar 20- The present invention relates to an accelerator for use in a dry,. Series 753A or Series 7Victaulic actuators (C), as well as with . Jun 20- Original Assignee, Victaulic Company Of America. Series 753A dry actuator or a Series 7Low Pressure actuator, . The Series 7butterfly valve features a weatherproof actuator housing. Series 753-A Dry Actuator or Series 754-A Accelerator, to monitor and react to . Jan 20- The low differential and unique latch and actuator design of the valve.

The solenoid is the Victaulic Series 753-E, and is rated at 24VDC, 0. AMTA and Dry Accelerator ball valves are NOT applicable. Victaulic continues to push the envelope of product development. Available wet pilot or dry pilot with the Series 7low pressure actuator.

Mar 20- With either a Series 753A dry actuator or a Series 7LoW. Pressure actuator, as are manufactured and sold by Victaulic. The low differential and unique latch and actuator design of the valve allows it to be .

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