Victaulic dry valve recall

March 15, 2016

If your sprinkler system contains a Victaulic Series 7FireLock NXT Dry Valve, . Hang these instructions on the installed valve for easy future reference. Failure to follow instructions and warnings can result in serious .

Victaulic’s FireLock NXT dry valve for fire protection systems applications. The series 7is a latched clapper valve for dry pipe fire sprinkler systems. Nov 20- If you own or service a Victaulic FireLock NXT Series 7Dry Valve, click. I-7Preaction Valve Series Installation, Maintenance and Testing .

Instructions for Replacing Internal Components of the Valve. Product Description: The patent-pending Victaulic Series 7FireLock NXT. Dry Valve is a low differential, latched clapper valve that uses a unique direct acting . VdS firelock european dry valve stations series 756. WitH series 7loW-Pressure actuator i-756lPa. Jul 20- Recalled Dry Fire Sprinkler Heads – Globe.

Dec 20- Subject: RE: Victaulic S 7dry valve There were issues with the. May 20- Ask the average fire sprinkler person about recalls and they will tell you. Victaulic 758s), smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and . The Victaulic Series 7Actuated System Valve with Deluge Trim controls the.

Proper Air Supplies for Series 7Dry Valves Used with Series 753-A Dry . Installation of Victaulic FireLock NXT Series 7Dry Valve. Reliable is one of the world’s largest producers of automatic fire sprinklers and sprinkler system control equipment. RAPID RESPONSE Series LFII Residential Sprinklers Pendent Wet Pipe and Dry Pipe Systems, K-factor=4. Jan 20- with Tyco Fire Protection Products, will. If you own or service a Victaulic FireLock NXT Series 7Dry Valve, click here to . Another option to look into is the Victaulic NXT dry pipe valve.

The system may be equipped with automatic or manual air supply. Ansul is a corporation headquartered in Marinette, Wisconsin that manufactures fire. The ANSUL name is a premium brand of Tyco Fire Protection Products.

A product safety recall was conducted by the firm in cooperation with the CPSC. Jun 20- across the dry pipe valve changes, allowing water to enter the.

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