Wall mounted power washer

March 12, 2018

Products – BE Professional 15PSI (Electric Cold Water) Wall Mount Pressure Washer. Your source for gas powered pressure washers, wall mount power washers, wall mounted electric power washer stainless steel models for golf cart cleaning . The Storm Wall Mounted is a powerful 230V pressure washer giving 1500psi of cleaning pressure.

The wall mounted machines come with a drilling template . The Storm range of electric pressure washers is easy to operate and offers fantastic value for money. Storm Wall Mounted Pressure Washer. The pressure washer’s base is fitted to a stove enamelled hard wearing chassis and frame with solid tyres.

Depending on the application, water pressure washers can be either wall-mounted with a water storage cabinet, or fully mobile. Static Pressure Washer Col Cold Wall-mount pressure washer, 2volt cold static pressure washer, 4volt cold static pressure washer, stainless steel cold .

PPT can supply a range of wall-mount pressure washers suitable for a wide. For more information contact :- Kranzle Aquaspray on 01964. The P1515EPNW is a versatile electric pressure washer which is wall mountable or portable to suit all cleaning requirements. Wall Mount 1Volt Electric Pressure Washer ( HP). Mi-T-M CM-1400-0MEH Cold Water Electric Drive, 1. Wall mounted pressure washers are quite popular with many of the fleet hire car companies.

Come check out the best wall mounted electric pressure washers for most peoples’ needs. This buying guide tells you the uses and features of wall mount . Made in the UK JWD 400CS Wall mounted Cold Water Pressure Washers are fully commercial, available in 240V, 110V and two 415V 3Ph models. Offering module pressure washers and floor cleaning machines including industrial and commercial MAC FX Pressure Washers.

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