Why does my boiler make a whistling noise

March 6, 2017

Can anyone help, the pump on my boiler is makeing a loud whistling noise, I cant. My boiler is whistling and i got a plumber round who charged me ┬úcall. Whistling This is caused by a water flow rate through the radiator that’s too high.

How useful did you find the information on this page? Tips advice for your boiler and central heating system. The most common cause of a burner whistling noise is improper gas.

Then what makes you think it’s coming from the boiler.

In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. Our Worcester Greenstar Ri boiler started making a lou constant whistling noise this morning and continues to do so even when I switch the boiler off, and the whole CH system. Dec 2010Boiler making noises and losing pressurepostsOct 2010Boiler making loud noisepostsFeb 2008Help with my central heating system – please help. Help: My boiler is making high pitch noise.

My Baxi does the same and has done for the last few years. Oct 20- Does anyone know why a boiler would make a high pitched whine sort of. I did a couple of upgarades to my system and now I have a whistle inside the boiler that was.

The sound is definately eminating from withion the boiler. The more flow through the check valves, the more noise they make.

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