Carbonology flash

Jul 20- While the “Flash” decals are just that, the ski is much like the other Carbonology ski’s, somewhat understated or to once again borrow from . Aug 20- Any more feedback on the Flash? I’ve read that it’s somewhat more stable than elite skis, but others have reported that it’s.

Nov 2016New Carbonology Switch – Surfski. Aug 2013Carbonology Sport Flash Review – Surfski. The Carbonology Flash is Carbonology’s Elite racing Ski. The Flash is a fast Racing Ski with amazing run riding and predictable handling, .

Testing the very fast, very sleek Carbonology Flash in Middle Harbour, Sydney. Please contact your local APS Carbonology Sport Dealer for availability. The Carbonology Sport SSFlash is the surfski for experienced paddlers over 70kg.

Mar 20- Carbonology Flash – New surfski! The volume in the bow and throughout the ski is very similar to all the other skis of that size and length. Carbonology-Sport is a Port Elizabeth Based company in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Intermediate double ski – Zest is COMING . The short story is it surpassed my expectations to such an extent that I traded my atom vault in for the FLASH – Malcolm Hall (australian carbonology) kindly . It had a ton of secondary stability but was very twitchy off it’s centre line, ie not much prmy stability.