Oso water heater

For more than years, OSO has led the water heater development in Norway by itself. As a result of this Norway have the most durable, operationally stable, . The OSO MINI RMis perfect for point of use “under sink” water heater. The 3kW element will heat the litre capacity from cold in less than minutes.

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Buy the Oso Super Coil SC Indirect Unvented Hot Water Cylinders from PlumbNation. We stock a huge range of cylinders for any application or budget. Capacity (Litres)‎: ‎113Diameter (mm)‎: ‎575Height (mm)‎: ‎870Type‎: ‎IndirectOso Hotwater Unvented Thermal Store Hot Water Cylinder Spares. Welcome to the spare parts website for OSO cylinders. Spare parts are available for all OSO cylinders sold in the UK.

He has an OSO unvented water heater Direct 20RD. The landlady has no idea how to set the timings for this! OSO Unvented Water Heater- how to use economically.

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Locate the water heater in a suitable position to facilitate the installation of the .