Satchwell actuators

HVAC Valves and Actuators Catalogue – Satchwell valves – Globe valves. The AVUX (795-9451) is a 24Vac modulating linear actuator suitable for modulating compatible Satchwell valves from any 24Vac, 3-point controller or device. Sunvic (previously Satchwell) DM56Port Actuator Mid-PositionFor use with valve body type MKMot.

Pegler Sunvic (formerly Satchwell) SD27actuator. Adapter kit for adapting Regin’s RVA actuators to Satchwell valves. The Satchwell ‘AR’ range of reversing actuators have a rotary output for coupling to air dampers or rotary valves . CatalogDAMPER VALVE ACTUATORSSatchwellSatchwell Avue53Valve actuator.

The AVU Mk 24Vac valve actuator is specifically designed for use on Satchwell zone valves such as the VEU, MEU and FEU – see. The ‘MZ’, ‘MJF’ and ‘MZF’ ranges of valves fitted with appropriate. Satchwell actuators will fully comply with all relevant . The Satchwell AVU22actuator directly connects . My Hot water system had SM 42actuators one for Hotwater one for the central heating. The Hot water one was replaced when it leaked by . The AVUEs ,are modulating actuators having a linear output drive; they can be used in conjunction with any . Find great deals on eBay for satchwell actuators and satchwell.


The CXT operates 24Vac actuators on two or three port valves. Satchwell Linear Actuators type ‘AL’ are reversing actuators having a linear output, for direct coupling to Satchwell lift and lay seat-type control valves or other . Our products include avue avum avux replacement actuators and many more automation and metering products. AVUE 0-10V Actuator 24Vac, Satchwell .