Cow stomach pump

March 30, 2016

The Bovivet cattle stomach pump provides large volumes of water to cattle quickly, making it perfect for rehydration or administering solutions. Magrath Cattle Stomach Pump System with 300-900lb probe COMPLETE. Magrath- One person system for administering water, .

Stomach pumping cows is becoming more common place and is hugely effective method of getting large. SPECIAL STOMACH PUMP FOR BOVIVET DRENCHING SYSTEM (ORDERED SEPARATELY). With a variety of bespoke and original products covering dairy and beef cows, sheep, pigs, horses, cats and dogs, we aim to bring simple cost . The pumps the vets use for pumping fluid into cows? The Ideal Stomach pump unit is constructed out of nickel-plated brass, with ball valves for suction and tapered hose connection.

Aggers Rumen Pump and Drench Set Lite for administer new calved dairy cows with high volume fluids. For example, on the rare occassions that the cow .

Calving Aids Bovine Products supplied by Medray Imaging Systems in Ireland. New all stainless steel and brass Stomach Pump System. For fast efficient drenching of Cows with large volumes of liquids.

A one person system for pumping quantities of heavy viscosity material with ease into the bovine stomach. Due to its unique design, the probe can be passed . Magath Stomach Pump Kit #5The Cadillac of Stomach Pumps! Here is the Stomach Pump you’ve been waiting for!

The Magrath Cattle Pump System is a one . Stomach Pump for Cattle, Magrath CPS-Replacement Probe 696752. Replacement probe for the Magrath CPS (696751) cattle pump system. For a quick and easy oral administration of fluids to cattle.

The Agger’s Standard Pump is compatible with the Agger’s Drenching Set. A second cow administered no needles by stomach pump, but having free access to pine needles, aborted on the sixth day. The third cow in this group did not . Cattle Pump System from Springer Magrath. Unique probe design allows passage through the esophagus into the stomach and features a tear drop end for .

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