Pegler ballofix valves

Ballofix isolating ball valve – straight pattern. DZR brass, commercial chrome finish. CxC Chrome screw driver slot ball valve.

Ballofix in-line isolation valves offer a wide range of both body styles and end connections for potable water and hot and cold water services. Pegler Ball Valves Ballofix isolating ball valve – angle pattern. Check out Pegler Yorkshire mm Ballofix Valve Straight 3381Za online now.

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Pegler Yorkshire has been a major force in valves and fittings for over 1years and our new. Ballofix in-line isolation valves offer a wide range of both body . Pegler Yorkshire Genuine Ballofix Isolating Valve MxF Chrome Screwdriver Slot. Pegler Yorkshire Genuine Ballofix Valve With Angle Swivel Pattern 15mm x .

Pegler Tee Ball Valve Blue 15mm (21860). Costs 10x what I can get a cheapo ballofix valve for, but far easier to operate and considerably better quality. Mar 20- Maintaining a policy of continual product development Pegler Yorkshire Group. If you’re looking for a Ballofix 33YA Cupper X Cupped Valve mm Brass you can order from us today. View trade pricing and product data for Pegler Yorkshire Group Lt 5095CA Drain Valve, Male BSP x Hose, Pegler, Threaded General Valves.

Pegler Yorkshire, Crane, Hattersley SBS Valves. Alongside our range we offer Crane, Hattersley and Pegler Yorkshire Valves with. BALLOFIX 15MM ELBOW BRASS COPPER TO COPPER 3380YA. Pegler Yorkshire, Greater than the Sum of Our Parts.

Ballofix isolating ball valve – threaded.