Aqualisa digital processor

Complete pumped (gravity with integral pump) digital processor (black). Complete pumped (gravity with integral pump) digital processor (grey). The Digital Shower must not be used with a hot water supply temperature of over 65ºC.

The processor is supplied factory pre-set at maximum temperature of . Aqualisa Quartz Digital Processor (NOW BLACK) Shower Spares. Aqualisa Pumped Digital Processor (grey) 223118.

This is a Aqualisa Quartz Processor -4331Gravity (pumped) processor. For all Aqualisa Digital Shower Systems – 2002-2017. Find great deals for Aqualisa 4341Quartz Digital Shower Pump Processor. Aqualisa give this product a year guarantee and also claim it has no serviceable parts which is true for most.

Aqualisa digital shower processors (suits all Aqualisa digital models, eg Quartz, Axis, Visage, etc) If you have a pumped digital shower processor but. AQUALISA Digital Pumped Shower unit pieces for sale (Used). Aqualisa Digital Gravity Fed Processor.

I bought a digital processor for my gravity feed system about a year ago. It has been running grand and I’ve really got attached to it.

May 20- No son has just had to replace the pumped digital control unit on his Aqualisa shower. The fault was only that the shower would not . Aqualisa Digital shower processors If your shower continues to drip when turned off or fails to maintain a constant temperature then you will need re. Browse our catalogue of Aqualisa shower spares and Aqualisa shower breakdown.

Aqualisa Digital Pumped Processor 2231- Bespoke Part £377. Aqualisa digital showers: basic advice needed In my home (includes DIY). Check the installation guide on the Aqualisa site to see if the processor has been installed in the correct orientation as this can cause problems.

Mar 20- Step by step instructions for repairing a dripping Aqualisa digital.