Aqualisa digital quartz

One of our most popular smart showers, intelligently blending water for the perfect shower every time. The dual outlet options allow you to seamlessly divert water flow between shower heads and the shower and bath, with all products able to be. We offer a range of electric, digital and mixer showers, so you can find the right fit.

Large stocks for next day delivery and we welcome paypal. Aqualisa Quartz Showers are intelligent, reliable and are one of Aqualisa’s most popular showers. Thermostatic digital mixer shower with LED temperature display. Features adjustable shower head and EasyFit technology that allows for easy installation or .

A versatile, family friendly collection of Digital, Thermo and Electric showers that’s right on the button for busy lives. Great Value Digital showers from the house of Aqualisa Quartz Range is now offered at Bargain Price at our on-line store. Aqualisa Quartz Digital Concealed Shower for Combi or Pressurised Systems.

Aqualisa ADigital Processor – Installed for 10 . An introduction to Aqualisa digital showers; how they work and how an Aqualisa Digital Shower can improve. Aqualisa Quartz Digital showers, including Quartz Digital Divert showers, single outlet showers, dual outlet showers, exposed and concealed.