Aqualisa fault finding

From helping you find the right shower to buying spare parts and even cold weather advice, our friendly team of shower experts in Westerham, UK are on . Have you got any water flow at the shower head? These showers are very robust and Aqualisa customer service is excellent.

LEAVE the unit SWITCHED ON and I think you will find it will run happily. As I said before, if it in a fault in my cabling I will get that put right . Aqualisa ShowerpostsJan 2017dripping aqualisa quartz showerpostsOct 2008More from community. Hi Problem with aqualisa quartz shower.

At the same time we also purchased a new shower control unit for the . Free repair help – aqualisa quartz digital cannot turn shower off. What is the underlying problem that caused the initial fault? Aqualisa say fault is a valve in the control no spares done,suggest a new box at £255. I managed to find a sucessful fix for this, at least in my setup, though the . Aqualisa Quartz Digital Processor (NOW BLACK) Shower Spares. Find exactly what you’re looking for, we deliver worldwide!

Question – Aqualisa Quartz Digital – Blue Light Flashing, won’t start.

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