Aqualisa quartz digital processor problems

Ensure that the processor is not covered with insulation or any materials which may cause the processor over heat. The Quartz has a pcb that does not like being shut off when its working. Aqualisa digital processors are designed and indeed MUST be left . Aqualisa Quartz Digital problempostsJun 2013Shower pumps are old hat?

Sep 2011Aqualisa Shower prob, please helppostsNov 2010dripping aqualisa quartz showerpostsOct 2008More from community.

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower problem – dripping head. Free repair help – aqualisa quartz digital cannot turn shower off. I had a problem with a broken mixer valve motor in my combi processor box. Question – Aqualisa Quartz Digital – Blue Light Flashing, won’t start.

Mar 20- model – quartz pumped processor on the wall poblem – the control light (red). Discuss Aqualisa quartz problem control switch in the Bathrooms, Showers and. Aqualisa Quartz Digital Exposed Shower QZ.

Aug 2013Aqua Lisa Quartz Shower units won’t turn off unless electric reset. Aug 2013new aqualisa shower wont pump – UK Plumbers ForumsMar 2013Aqualisa Quartz Digital Shower- Now only lukewarm – Plumbers.

Hi Problem with aqualisa quartz shower. The shower is a digital quartz the grey older model. Hi, I’ve got an Aqualisa quartz digital shower which was fine for four.

Apr 2016Aqualisa Digital Quartz Pumped Shower Problem. May 2013Aqualisa Quartz pumped shower to combi boiler or. HED5DseCIRQSimilarApr 20- Uploaded by questeadAqualisa give this product a year guarantee and also claim it has no serviceable parts which is true. May 20- Aqualisa sent a replacement very quickly indeed and the work was pretty. Had same problem with Quartz ADigital Controller Unit.

Aqualisa Quartz Digital Processor (NOW BLACK) Shower Spares. Hi i have an aqualisa digital standard shower at home which has. Mar 20- Step by step instructions for repairing a dripping Aqualisa digital pumped shower. The problem is in the mixer valves so we need to disassemble the valves.

My aqualisa Quartz was bit different to the one in your photographs but . My pressure isnt great so I doubt that’s the problem! I contacted Aqualisa and they offer two options: 1) A digital repair kit – This would include the engineers callout, a repair on the processor box . Concealed Quartz Digital showers are available with a sleek chrome back plate to. At the heart of Aqualisa’s Digital technology is the ‘processor box’ which . Do you agree with Aqualisa Showers’s TrustScore? I’m aware that if I upgrade to the newer black box this problem will disappear.

Aqualisa Digital Quartz shower that we . This is a Aqualisa Quartz Processor -4331Gravity (pumped) processor. For all Aqualisa Digital Shower Systems – 2002-2017.