Aqualisa shower leaking from bottom

Aqualisa Electric Shower Pressure Relief Device In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. Unscrew the hose from the bottom of the shower unit. Prior to this leak the shower kept running cold but the engine would seem .

Our friendly customer care team are available from Monday to Friday to give you trusted advice about your Aqualisa shower, spare parts and more! This worked for me, I had the leak from behind the shower control casing, it solved this, . Aqualisa Pwr Shower – leak from cartridge gasketpostsJul 2013Aqualisa shower dripping.

Mar 20- My Aqualisa shower has a habit of dripping after a few years of use. Unplug the four connectors at the bottom of the Logic Module. Our Hydramax shower (this one: AQUALISA HYDRAMAX Exposed shower valve Spares and Spare Parts) is leaking from a small hole . I need to fix a dripping Aqualisa 6thermostatic shower mixer.

Hi, I have an Aqualisa thermostatic mixer valve shower (non-power).