Atomic co2 diffuser inline

Featuring the world’s finest and highest COdiffusion rate, our Atomic+ COdiffuser creates supreme diffusion of COin aquarium water. Must be used with Green Leaf Aquariums COpressure rated tubing only, not for use with silicone or other brand tubing.

Per request, I’m showing the performance of the COdiffuser on my new 57Gallon tank – Day Rimless G. Green Leaf Aquariums Atomic Inline CODiffuser Review. Short video showing my new 7kg COtank, bubble counter, diffuser and the mist it.

I’m piecing out a and I have a eheim 20for filtering – GLA has the Atomic one it’s about \ – They have been on back order for a while, and . Out of stockThe very lastest and in our opinion best way to diffuse your COGet outstanding diffusion rates by diffusing your COinline with your filter tubing. Hey Orlando, have you used the inline Atomic CODiffuser on any of your own aquascapes and if you have – photos please! I went to a shop and bought their Atomic COdiffuser.

I used inline atomizer before and initially I have similar problems.