Auto shut off water valve

Your home’s water is shut off as soon as a leak is detected. Plus, you can remotely control your main water valve from anywhere. We also carry wireless security systems, pool alarms, driveway alarms, diy video surveillance equipment, cellular terminals, automatic shut-off valves, and water .

BREEAM Sensor Activated Water Supply Shut-Off Valves: The PIR sensor activated shut-off valve is designed to comply with BREEAM WATfor automatic . A WaterCop automatic water shut-off system will provide your home with round-the-clock indoor flood protection and works with wired and wireless flood sensors . At FloLogic, we supply an automatic emergency water shut off valve. We’re here to protect your home from water damage.

Flow Sensors Water Shut Off Valves – Water Monitoring Automatic Shut Off. All WRAS approve we supply pulsed water meters for pipe sizes 15mm . SAVE WATER: AUTOMATIC WATER SHUT-OFF CONTROL SAVE WATER + ENERGY: CONTROL BOTH THE WATER SUPPLY LIGHTS etc. FloodMaster leak alarm and water main shut-off systems sound an alarm when a. Rigid and reliable automatic valves; Multiple sensor pucks can be added to a . FloodMaster leak detection alarm and automatic water shut-off systems help protect you from water damage due to undetected water leaks.

With a Smarthome SELECT Electronic Water Shutoff Valve you can change all of that. Use the Smarthome SELECT Electronic Water Shutoff Valve as part of your whole home automation and security system to maintain a safe. The Topeka Capital Journal points out that having an automatic shut off valve is imperative for any type of water-using appliance, namely water heaters but also .

ASC0- 15mm Autostopcock Flood Prevention Unit. Automatic Stopcock – Mains Water Shut Off Valve Battery Operated Control Unit for Flood . Volume-Based Water Leak Detectors we offer: Point-Of-Use Automatic Shutoff Valve: WaterBlock; Whole-House Automatic Shutoff Valve: YdroStop . Dec 20- Water Hero protects your home against burst pipes, slow leaks, and long. Dec 20- An automatic water shutoff valve controls a single water line or the whole house’s water supply to shut the water flow off to the line usung a . Localised leak detection to immediately shut off water when a leak is detected. Turns off mains water supply from a Water Valve Control panel or wireless. Automatic water shut off if a leak . When FloodStop detects water the water valve automatically closes and an alarm.

Automatic PIR water shut-off when washrooms are not in use. Mechanically powered in-pipe water shut-off valve. Flood Prevention products including automatic water shut off valves and FloodStop brand product, with best price guarantee and free shipping available at .