Aztec drink of the gods

After the Spanish Conquest of Mexico, the drink became secular and its consumption rose. There are many references in Aztec codices, such as the Borbonicus Codex, of pulque’s use by nobility and priesthood to celebrate . It is however certain and to the surprise of many people that pulque was the national drink of Mexico, long before tequila ever moved into the spotlight.

Nov 20- “You can sit there and drink pulque for hours and you just don’t get drunk,”. While it’s known as the Aztec drink of the gods, to the uninitiate . Oct 20- Unlike modern day Americans, the Aztecs didn’t do “Halloween” specifically, meaning they didn’t send their kids around the neighborhood in . Although the earliest use of cacao has been traced to the Maya and Aztecs, the. The Aztecs, later the dominant culture of Mexico, considered cacao a gift from. Aug 20- Once reserved only for Aztec royalty, the origin of chocolate weaves a. Oct 20- Norse mythology tells of Aegir, the ale brewer of the gods, who held a. The Aztec drink of choice was pulque, a syrupy, pulpy alcohol made .