Bakki shower design

Jun 20- Hi all,I have been once again procrastinating by reading around on here rather than reading about what I should be for my essay, and I was . Koi Forum – bakki shower flow rate ? Koi magazineMay 2013Bakki shower as my only filter?

By using momotaro bakki shower I can get crystall clear water in my koi’s pond. I think many sifus here got their own diy bakki shower. Nice pon Definitely one design I would reference.

Mar 20- The design of the Bakki showers typically will consist of deep stainless steel trays.

The trays are filled with filter media and have the water . Bakki Shower Filtered Ponds UK – Page 2. The original design was to include two vortexes. But, after John and Steve became friends with Ian Graham, they . These are the genuine ‘Momotaro Bakki Showers’, and their amazing have. These systems are of the same design shape, with the main difference .