Ball turning

Making (and using) a ball turning toolpost, first step to a cannon ball mold. Steve Bedair’s x Lathe Site Gladewater, Tx. Ball Turning Toolpost Harbor Freight x Lathe You can see the ball turning toolpost in action: click .

Nov 20- NEW – BALL TURNING ATTACHMENT – EVEN DOES CONCAVE ! The RTrevolutionizes the process for turning concave or convex radii for the manual lathe market. The RTis unique in the way that it is mounted to the tool holder of the lathe and unlike most ball turners does not need the. Spare Insert for the Repton RTBall Turning Attachment (Ref: RT2).

Spare Insert for the Repton RTBall Turning Attachment . FIT STRAIGHT ON CROSSLIDE FOR QUICK, WILL TURN UPTO A 38MM DIAMETER BALL TURNING OF BALLS CONES INDEXABLE TIP WITH 3 . This design for a ball turning tool came from Steve Bedair’s web site. His ball turning tool was a much simpler design than many of the others. Jump to Ball Turning – CAUTION: the sphere is very hot after turning, especially when using SS.

This ball turning tool was made to a design published in Model Engineer’s Workshop Issue December 1994. The purpose was to make the ball handles for .