Bathtub walk through insert

Our step through insert is the finishing touch for the tub to shower conversion which creates easy step through access. It is a cap that goes over the portion of the tub cut out to create the walk through access. Some of the most popular are tub to shower conversion, create.

When used with the Walk Thru Insert, the Quick Tub Cap provides a fully functional bathtub. This product can be used to convert your bathtub into a walk-in shower. Installation of the Walk Through Insert includes cutting a section of the existing tub and . Keep in mind for tub designs that are not straight and are either offset or curved across the front of the tub, the insert will not curve .

The Conversion kit contains a walk through insert and a removable Quick Tub cap. The opening width is available in one size and fits most baths. May 20- A bathtub walk-through insert to be positioned and bonded into a cut-out opening in a sidewall of a bathtub, the insert is generally U-shape . Apr 20- A molded acrylic bathtub walk through insert to be positioned in a cut out formed in a bathtub wall and having a skirt member to surround a step . The Walk-Thru Insert makes entering and exiting the bathtub easy and safer by.

The Walk-Thru Insert is only available in Canada through Kimmel of Canada . Aug 20- No need for a pricey bathroom remodel! Our products shown below work on your existing tub and can be fully installed within just to hours!