Blue coolant

Have you ever wondered how pink, orange, blue and green engine coolants differ from each other? The colour of engine coolant isn’t there to. I used a red one it is year but i will change it every 12k, it was a better quality than the really cheap blue so just put it in and has proved fine .

Jun 2010Coolant, Green, re blue ? Jan 20- With a rainbow of different color coolants on the market, it’s hard to know which one to buy. All coolant is not the same, so read this guide to find . Feb 20- Primarily designed for post-20models, red antifreeze has a higher super-additive content than traditional blue antifreeze and will potentially .

On the lookout for car engine coolant? Click here to buy coolant and antifreeze online, or click and collect in store today. My nct is due in the morning, had the car serviced a couple of months ago so I decided to just sent it in.

The system uses coolant, which is a mix of antifreeze and water, to cool down the metal car parts. Coolant also helps keep the car from freezing up in the winter, . Mar 19- Checking the coolant level, you see that it’s down. And then there is red antifreeze used by Toyota, and blue used on some European and .