Bosch hydropower 13h pilot light

The Bosch 13H has a Star Energy Efficiency. Need help with your Bosch hot water or heating system? The Bosch Hot Water Heating trouble-shooting page might be able to .

Jul 20- I have the same problem. Water heater operates on a very simple principle. Ask a question about Bosch HydroPower in Gas Water Heaters.

No if ignition clicks but pilot no light gas jet blocked at pilot assembly remove and blow.

Ask a question about Bosch HydroPower in Gas Water Heaters (page 2). Hi, My 13h works first up but when water is turned off the pilot stays on for aprox. Please follow these instructions carefully: 1. Slide the button to the far left so. Congratulations for choosing a Bosch HydroPower water heater. The Bosch HydroPower hot water system is unique because of the innovative hydrogenerator ignition, which.

I purchased this Bosch instant hot water unit to replace a gas storage water. The Bosch External 13H HydroPower system ignites when you turn on the tap. No pilot light wasting gas, no power needed for electronic ignition.