Brigantia is about aggregating the purchasing power of hundreds of channel technology reseller and MSP partners. By centralising purchasing, it allows . Through interpretatio Romana, she was equated with Victoria.

The tales connected to the characters . A directory of arts and crafts, covering the Yorkshire Moors, Wolds, and coast. Includes a calendar of events, and profiles of several craftspeople. Unique tapestry kits, all canvases hand printed exactly to the thread on all counts including holes per inch.

Traditional canvas printing can leave a design . For years I found it very hard to get a handle on Brigantia. That probably has something to do with the difficulty I have with the Summer season in . BRIGANTIA is an historical re-enactment society dedicated to the pagan tribes of Britain of the third to first centuries BC, also known as The Celts. Brigantia or Briganti was a tutelary Romano-Celtic, Gallo-Roman or Romano-British goddess of the Brigantes in northern . Mar 20- This is an extremely condensed look at the goddess Brigantia.

For a much more detailed study, see my book Brigantia: Goddess of the North.