Buying a house with polybutylene pipes

When buying a home, you must decide what to repair immediately and what to. Albuquerque real estate agent Rich Cederberg, eXp Realty (505) 803-5012. Oct 20- See the photos below of polybutylene pipes and fittings.

So covering buyers or sellers with home warranties will not work if the damage is . Dec 20- My house has year old Polybutylene pipes and I’ve never had a leak! That may be completely true, but insurance works along the concept . Feb 20- I’m buying a home, in the process of closing right now, and the home has polybutylene pipes in it.

I know that isn’t the best, but the house is. Mar 20- There are words that strike dread into the heart of a real estate agent and one of them is polybutylene. Once touted as the longer lasting and . Aug 20- Home Buying in the US – We have a question regarding polybutylene pipes. We just had our home inspection done and.

Polybutylene pipes were found during inspection, should. ZillowJul 2016When will updated info be available for polybutylene house pipes. Well Crap, Polybutylene Pipes in a House I’m Looking at Buying.

We have an accepted offer and are going through the steps.

Mar 20- Polybutylene Plastic Pipe (Poly-B) was used extensively between 19and 199 especially in residential construction as cold and hot piping . Apr 20- Selling a home with Polybutylene? Decreased Value- Polybuylene pipes are not desirable for home buyers.