C max flushing system by toto

Toto Drake toilet G-Max fill valve malfunction. Unlike pressure assist toilets, which can be. I have flushed the toilets about times now and they are not running over at all.

The (C) repair cap with the red rubber seal sells for $2. Lowes and can be changed out in less. Toilet Forum discussions, Toto Connect+ system – OK to buy parts (toilet+washlet) separately?

When they leak, the water comes out of the fill tube between flushes.

If you have a Ultramax with the G-max the new fill valve is part #TSU18A. Occupation: Retired Systems engineer for defense industry. My Toto G-MAX toilet flushing system is leaking a gallon per hour.

We had a Toto-brand toilet installed several years ago. The G-Max flushing system works great; however, it’s started sounding like it’s running sometime. The fill valve started acting up a few weeks ago so I decided it needed to be replaced.

The E-Max flushing system provides a consistent and powerful flush using a combination of a wide 3” valve and an extra-large siphon jet.