Cam lock pipe fittings

Camlocks (also known as cam and groove couplings) enable you to quickly connect and disconnect your hose and pipework. Camlock couplings operate by opening the coupler arms and inserting the adaptor into the coupler. PAR Group supply aluminium, brass, polypropylene and stainless.

Global Couplings is a leading supplier of Camlock fittings, Camlock couplings, Quick Disconnects at affordable prices. Leading suppliers of camlock fittings, camlock couplings, and cam and groove fittings offered in stainless steel, brass, aluminum and polypropylene. Snaplock Cam Couplings The branded and traceable cam coupling system.

Can be used with Stainless Steel Pipe and Stainless Steel Fittings, Polypropylene Fittings,.

Interchangeable with other camlock fittings productsoriginally made to . Vast stocks of quality camlock fittings available for overnight delivery. For pipe, hose, tubing and tanks conveying liquids and powders including cooling water, . Camlocks also called cam and groove couplings, are a kind of hose coupling used to rapidly connect and disconnect fittings on piping or hose, they come in a .