Canon macro extension tube

The Canon EF 25mm Extension Tube II is used to allow a lens to focus closer than it does natively. This is accomplished by moving the lens 25mm farther away . MACRO EXTENSION Full Set TUBES Fits CANON EOS SLR DSLR,130012001100D 1000 1005005506006507007507601D 1Ds 7D .

A macro extension tube is a wonderful substitution to expensive macro lenses. It maintains the original optical quality while transforming the . There are two Canon extension tubes – EFII and EFII. The number relates to the length of the tube – the 25mm gives a greater magnification than the 12mm .

Canon makes two extension tubes, the EF. The EF100mm, EF180mm and EF-S60mm macro lenses focus all the way from infinity down to a distance that gives 1x . FotodioX Pro Auto Macro Extension Tube Kit for Canon EF EF-S Lenses. The above photo shows a 50mm lens fitted with a 25mm extension tube.

I just wanted to clear things out, 24-1ef canon lens is already a macro lens, . In this video tutorial I will go over extension tubes using my Canon 40D and Live view mode to demonstrate. Transform your digital camera lens into a macro lens with this Macro Extension Tube Set for Canon (support auto focus). Designed with all the circuitry and .