Carbon fibre rod

Useful in a wide range of projects, these solid carbon fibre rods are manufactured using unidirectional carbon fibres, pultruded to create perfectly straight rods of . Sturdy 8mm carbon fibre rod suitable for use in middle-weight applications including robotics and engineering. Find great deals on eBay for Carbon Fibre Rod in Airplanes and Helicopters Radio Control RC Engines, Parts and Accs. Carbon fibre rods for model making applications supplied by 4D modelshop. RBJ’s carbon fibre CRP rods are unidirectional and pultruded in a vinyl ester or epoxy matrix.

The advantage of using our carbon fibre rods over GRP is that they . Solid Carbon Fibre Rod offers high stiffness to weight ratio.

Carbon fibre is stiff and very lightweight, making it ideal for rigid frame construction. Carbon Fibre rod is used extensively in Radio Controlled model making, where it used to stiffen up wings and fuselage of model aircraft or for the chassis of . FibreGlassDirect supplies a variety of black carbon fibre and white GRP fibreglass rods. Fibreglass rods are a strong, stiff, lightweight and . Pultruded carbon-fibre rods from HT carbon fibres (Torayca T3or equivalent) and epoxy resin are drawn continuously through a die. These pultruded carbon fiber composite rods have a high fibre content of high modulus carbon in an epoxy matrix, making them extremely rigid and strong.

Pultruded Carbon Fibre Specialists Telephone: 0197952. Pultruded glassfibre reinforced plastic rod 5mtr lengths. Pultruded glassfibre reinforced plastic tube 5mtr lengths.

Pultruded carbon fibre rods from HT carbon fibres (Torayca T3or equivalent) and epoxy resin are drawn continuously through a die. Movie Camera Support 19mm Ultra Light Carbon Fibre Rods – Choose from different sizes 19mm ultra light carbon fibre rods – Sold as pairs. Brand New High Strength Carbon Fibre 15mm support Rods for Professional Camera Rigs.

Available Lengths: 200mm (8); 250mm (10); 300mm (12); 450mm . Whilst it would be possible to thread carbon fibre rod it really isn’t a good idea.