Carbon fibre tow

Carbon Fibre Tow is a bunch of carbon fibre, like a yarn, that is commonly woven into carbon fibre fabrics however it can also be used in its raw form for . Please note the picture shows a full 4. This 12k tow is made from Grafil 34-7WD 12K Carbon fibre.

Please note the picture shows a full 1kg reel which is available to choose from the drop-down list above. This 3k tow is made from Pyrofil TR30S 3K Carbon Fibre. Carbon Tow, Carbon Fibre Tow 3K, 6K, 12K all in stock now for fast delivery, great prices. Ideal for strengthening and stiffening surfaces, or the fabrication of very .

High strength, medium modulus carbon fiber tow, also referred to as a ribbon, is loosely bonded together with an epoxy sizing to hold the fibers for handling and . Carbon fiber tow is the packaged form of individual spools as produced in the carbon fiber making process. The tow comes in a wide variety of . The carbon fibre tow is a bobbin of the individual carbon fibre strands that are used to weave carbon fabric, when used on it’s own it can be wound around more . In the textile industry, a tow is a coarse, broken fibre, removed during processing flax, hemp,. Check out the Carbon Tow on FibreGlast.

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