Carbonology zest price

Brand: Carbonology Sport Product Code: Zest Availability: In Stock. Qty: – OR – Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Carbonology-Sport is a Port Elizabeth Based company in the Eastern Cape, South Africa.

The Zest is an intermediate surf ski offering fantastic performance in all conditions. Do you need a quote or some pricing on one of our products? The New Carbonology Sport SSZest has been designed to suit intermediate.

Nov 20- Could someone give me some feedback on the Zest.

It’s price is a lot cheaper, it is stable, fast, easy to remount, light enough, good after . Which one, if any, is the most stable intermediate ski? Sep 2015Nelo Viper and Epic V- Surfski. May 20- Two weeks ago I got the new Zest and a couple of days later I tried it on flat water. The new Zest is longer, around 6cm, and less wide, I think . Have a Carbonology Zest Double Surf Ski for sale in excellent condition. New value = R10My price = R15Ski is in Port Elizabeth.

ZEST – For Intermediate paddlers over 70kg the SSZest has more volume than the Vault and is slightly more. Jan 20- Carbonology Sport (CS) have four official surfskis on their webpage; Zest, Vault and Atom plus the Racing double ski.

Carbonology Sport shared Magicseaweed Surf’s video.