Ceramic disc valve

Please ensure you check the dimensions carefully to ensure compatibility with your tap valve. In stock are a range of replacement ceramic tap cartridges for basin, kitchen and bath taps. Replacement Ceramic Disc Tap Cartridges Spline Pair – 62003392.

Tap valves – Washer Quarter Turn. Ceramic Disk Cartridges – For Basin Kitchen Taps. Watch How To Repair A Ceramic Disc Dripping Tap from the world’s leading how to specialist.

New Valve Tap Replacement Ceramic Disc Silicon Washer Gasket Insert.

Looking for a Bristan VLV 04PACK Valve? You can order online today at great prices and collect in your local branch of have it delivered to where you need it . Apr 20- Ceramic disk faucets are nearly maintenance free and are generally guaranteed not to wear out. Ceramic valves are more durable over the . A = Disc retaining washer, B = Ceramic discs, C = O ring which stops any water seepage up to the head of the tap, D = Valve retaining nut, E = Spindle on which . You should not have to put up with the drip-dripping sound of leaky taps. Nowadays, the vast majority of modern bathroom taps use ceramic disc cartridges . With ceramic disc taps, you replace the whole valve.

With rubber washer taps, you only need to replace the small washer.

Worn O-rings are a common cause of . Click above link to view full range pages Please read this note In order to save you slogging through over 1different cartridges please count. ION-13 ION-13 PHO-13 PHO-13 PHA-13 PHA-137. Bath Taps with Ceramic Disc Valves Chrome – 19Bathroom CD taps available at Bristan. Ceramic discs Unlike the older washer type, these taps use two, close fitting, slotted ceramic discs in place of the traditional washers.

A ceramic valve is a valve with ceramic trim, ball, seat, disc or lining. A carbon or stainless steel body is used to protect the ceramic trim from being damaged by . Do you own a valve seat re-grinder? Jan 20- Secon the more modern design has a washer mechanism in the form of a ceramic disc that is part of the valve inside the tap.

Concealed shut off valve ½\ with ceramic disc.