Changing primatic cylinder to indirect

Sep 20- Discuss Changing a Primatic cylinder to an indirect system in the Plumbing Forum area at UKPlumbersForums. I have a gravity fed hot water system with a pumped central heating system. In my loft I have a Feed and Expansion tank with a hot water cylinder.

My primatic has given up the ghost ,or more ,I have. If you change to an indirect cylinder you’ll need to put an extra tank up there for feed . Just convert to a conventional indirect cylinder – or chuck a combi in.

Primatic Cylinder Brown WaterpostsMar 2013Why can’t you have pumped shower on primatic cylinderpostsMay 2009direct and indirect cylinder tanks? Apr 2007Primatic CylinderpostsMar 2006More from community. Hot water storage; primatic cylinders – GasBoilerForums. Has anyone any experience of primatic systems? The meaning of ‘Direct Cylinder’ has change somewhat over the years.

In the early days (when fires used to have copper back boilers) a direct cylinder might . Feb 20- It was pretty much a straight swap apart from changing the shower pump. Apr 20- Another kind of cylinder, known as a primatic hot water cylinder,. On an indirect cylinder, the flow from the boiler enters at the top of the coil, with the.

When replacing an immersion heater, it is good practice to leave water in . VENTED HOT WATER CYLINDERS – Plumbing Tips – Duration: 6:07.