Cistern access cover

The cistern is concealed behind a unit, which is covered by a worktop, similar to a kitchen worktop. Nuance have also upgrade their access covers for cistern housings. Cistern covers are now manufactured from homogeneous compact laminate with a self .

The Tile Access Panel blends seamlessly into bathroom tiled surfaces, providing an opening to concealed pipe work and other utilities. For easy maintenance the water supply to the inlet valve can be turned on off from within the cistern via the front access panel. By using an easily removable panel (such as the flush panel on our concealed cistern mounting frames) you can ensure access is never a problem for either . And cover screws with decorative cups.

Always try and install a geberit cistern as they don’t need any access other than the front plate, .

Jul 20- It is important to ensure that there is easy access to a hidden cistern in. If you use a concealed cistern from Grohe , Viega or Geberit they will . The (oblong) panel concerned is above the pan and below the worktop. Insert for adding in-cistern blocks compatible with Geberit’s.

The easy to fit cistern can be accessed for maintenance simply through the removable front panel of the furniture unit, or from the top via a removable shelf. Every storage cistern shall be installed I a place or position such that – (a) the inside. The cistern shall also be provided with a replaceable access cover of a . The cistern should be constructed of non-toxic materials that make it watertight. The access cover to the cistern should be at least inches above the surface, . Feed cisterns In districts where all cold water taps and sanitary appliances are. Cistern access covers are an attractive and robust item that will look good in any modern home.

A durable and hygenic worktop that is easy to clean and . Shield your cistern from dust debris, wear and tear with a Protecta Cover (Cistern) Type A; available to order online from Building Materials!