Colon nozzles

Extended length nozzles for colonic cleansing, Extended insertion nozzles for sigmoid colon injection and cleansing. We manufacture what we believe to be the finest new colon tubes in the world today. Our customizable tubes are the largest French sizes and longest tubes available on the market.

Comfort and functionality is off the . Here is a very unique style colon nozzle specifically designed with an incredibly stimulating ball tip. This piece was devised so that it can be introduced to the . We carry silicone enema tubes, colon cleanse nozzles, lubricants and more to help get the most out of your enema.

Shop today and enjoy comfortable, optimal . Choose between a range of colon tubes that users find especially comfortable to use for enemas in addition to the enema nozzles. PRICE: The cost of enema equipment is an important consideration if you’re on a tight budget. These economy enema bags come with an enema tip that is too small and too hard to use as a nozzle.

MATERIALS: Enema bags and enema cans are made out of latex rubber, Indian rubber. Cleanstream Silicone Comfort Nozzle Enema Attachment. COLON FLUSHING NOZZLE WITH DISSOLVABLE TIP Filed NOV. Unlike an enema nozzle that is hard and inflexible and inserted just inside anus into the rectum, a Colon Tube is soft, flexible and designed to be inserted a lot .

Jan 20- Rock Solid Health offers safe and affordable Colon Hydrotherapy. The closed system nozzle is much larger and enters the rectum in . Replacement parts for PureLife Enema kit, colon tube, enema nozzles, both coffee enemas and water enemas tubings and accessories. Jun 20- A colon cleanse enema can irrigate the rectum and lower colon, relieve constipation. Nozzles come in different materials, sizes, and shapes. Includes : straight nozzle (for the enema and hose) Colon Tip (FG) Instruction Leaflet.

Enema Bag Kit Features Reusable and easy to assemble with . Jimmy John Girouar Colon Therapeutics (Girouard’s company), operators of. In addition, the colonic table and rectal nozzle that were used to administer . WHAT’S INVOLVED IN A COLON CLEANSING SESSION ? The nozzle stays in the client throughout the entire session and you never have to touch or remove .