Compression coupling for copper pipe

Learn how to do Compression Fittings on Copper Pipe with our video tutorial. How to fit a compression fitting joining two pieces of pipe together, showing how tight to do it up and what. How to fit a compression fitting to a 15mm copper pipe.

Get a 15mm piece of copper pipe and make sure to cut it to the correct size. Wide range of Compression Pipe Fittings at Screwfix. They can be used to connect both plastic or copper and are preferred by some installers as they have a . How to connect the fitting and tighten the nuts and olive for a watertight seal.

Our range of Compression Fittings are specifically selected for the trade and are available for delivery across mainland UK. The idea of this is so you get an idea of how to make a compression joint correctly,. There are several common sizes of pipe, both copper and plastic.

Now put the olive and nut back onto the fitting, align the olive so its straight, an with a . Jan 20- Simplify your copper piping projects by using compression fittings. How To: Use copper push-fit fittings to connect piping .