Cotherm immersion heater instructions

Ensure the power supply is isolated before removing the immersion heater cover. What are the temperature setting on a Cotherm TSE 001Thermostat? My Immersion Heater needs replacing how I know what to buy?

Cotherm immersion elements, plug-in thermostats, TSDR, TSE and TSR for use in electric. Combistat technology for use in electric water heater and heat pumpĀ . Air water heating controls, thermostats refrigeration controls. Appliance manufacturers around the world choose Cotherm for reliability quality.

Direct plug-in with 1-pole temperature regulation and 2-pole safety limiter. Combined control and safety function. Immersion Heater Wiring Instructions. Cotherm TSE rod type thermostat is used.

The heater is fitted with an adjustable Cotherm TSD 011rod type. These water heater have a built in cold water feed cistern and float valve and can supply a. An adjustable Cotherm TSD rod type thermostat is fitted. My sister has a Heatrae Sadia megaflo hot water tank with two immersion heaters for her hot water.

Details for adjusting an Immersion Heater Thermostat.

If you want either warmer or cooler water from your immersion heater, here is how to adjust the thermostat.