Creda shower pressure relief disc

In this episode, George talks us through replacing a Pressure Relief Device (part no.82800450) on a Triton. I was in the shower and is suddenly lost water pressure from the shower head. Looking on the Creda web site I downloaded instructions and it seems.

Button C – Starts shower on ‘COLD’ giving water with no heating. The pressure relief device is to safeguard against extreme abuse conditions. All shower spare parts for the Creda 950DL in stock with same day despatch from the UK’s #shower. Redring microswitch assembly (Pressure) (93795804) .

Replace the pressure relief disc (not covered by guarantee). Aqualisa Electric Shower Pressure Relief Device In my home (includes DIY) MoneySaving. Redring Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Rubber Washer – 93795817: – This is a. Shower (20- Current), Creda 950DL Shower Spares, Creda Active 320S .