Crosswater shower valve problems

THERMO SHOWER VALVE no Levers Backplate. After installation the shower runs HOT. I have a Crosswater thermostatic mixer valve with two independent.

How To Troubleshoot A Thermostatic Shower Valve – Bathstore User. We had a brand new bathroom installed several months ago. Crosswater flow cartridge (x2A071N) leaking. Crosswater flow cartridge -x2A071N needs replacement if the shower valve is leaking from the bath filler or from .

This should be easy, I am fitting a crosswater concealed shower valve. The side inlet ones get progressivelly tighter and are not leaking, does . Leaking shower valvepostsOct 2014New shower thermo mixer head – and quadrant. May 2006More from community. Exposed Thermostatic Shower Valve Maintenance Trouble Shooting.

Trouble shooting an exposed thermostatic shower valve.