Davey steriflo

Davey Steriflo UV disinfection units help to make your captured tank water safer for drinking without the use of chemicals. Davey Steriflo sytems generate ultraviolet (UV) light at 2nanomaters, inactivating micro-organisms by damaging their DNA. Steriflo Commercial UV Systems for disinfection of large volumes of water.

Easy to install to an existing pump or a Davey water pressure system. To protect your Steriflo system from the weather, make sure the site is water proof . Davey Steriflo Ultra Violet Water. SF1000S, UV40-2 UV75-and UV130-40.

Ultra violet system used for water treatment. Includes a durable stainless steel chamber . The Davey Steriflo domestic UV water disinfection systems are an effective and economical means of eliminating harmful bacteria from drinking water supplies. Upgrade your old tank through Darling Irrigation to a new 50gallon tank and you can purchase a Davey KSFUV Steriflo system for only $8only while . Davey Steriflo UV Water Disinfection.

Davey has built a name on dependability through years of practical experience under Australia’s harshest conditions. The Davey Steriflo UV Disinfection systems are an effective and economical means of . Davey High Flow Steriflo UV SySTEM? Davey Steriflo UV disinfection systems neutralise bacteria viruses and a variety of water bourne pathogens including.