Do soakaway worms work

Bleach, for example, will stop the essential bacterial action which makes a septic tank work. Most household cleaning materials should say . Important Information from our suppliers – Advice – Bates.

Septic Tanks should be sited at least 7m from any habitable parts of. Many people also use septic tank soakaway worms as a way to break down and eat . Contary to popular belief, sewage worms do not drown in water, sludge or silt if there is oxygen present. In the silt, sludge, soil or water of most .

No More Septic Tank Emptying; Unblock Your Soakaway; One Off Treatment; Keep Your. Not only do these worms work, they will also save you £1000’s. Does anyone know anything about these? My septic tank has lots of worms, but it’s still not working properly?

You should use our liquid SoakAway Cleaner first – usually ½ lt per day x days solves . Aug 20- If the worms do not work, and you have to get your soakaway repaired or replace then all we require is proof that the pipes are not crushed or . We lifted the slabs, saw a nice crust of what looked like compost wriggling with worms. Most go into an engineered drainage field (soakaway) or are tankered away. Save your money for when you do need to get the drains looked at .