Dole water flow control valves

Dole Flow Control Valves FIP x FIP. Larger Size Dole Flow Control Valves. G-Series flow regulators are designed to deliver a constant volume of water flow.

Flow Control Valve Operating Diagram Flow Characteristics of Flow Control . These flow control valves help regulate water pressure within well systems to . The Dole Valve has become a recognized industry standard name for flow regulators in the water treatment and water conservation industries. The Dole Flow Regulator is self-cleaning and designed to deliver a constant volume of water flow over a wide pressure drop range. Dole flow control valves are metering valves to control water flow, allowing only a specified amount of water per.

Part Number, Product Name, Photo, Catalog. EATON Dole GX Plumb Valve Water Pump Flow Restrictor Regulator. GPM Flow Control Valve Inch Female NPT GX12. Aug 20- Flow Controls – Screw-In Cartridge Valves Engineers know that when they’re designing a hydraulics system, maintaining the perfect balance of . I’m planning to put in a Dole flow control valve before the pressure tank.

It won’t hurt the pump, but you’ll be shorting yourself of water if you . Gate ValvepostsApr 2013More from terrylove. USABlueBook are intended for use only by professionals in the water and wastewater treatment industry.

You won’t find a better selection of Dole brand flow regulators anywhere else on the Web. We have sold these quality flow regulators to car washes and other . The Maric flow control valve is designed to deliver your required flow rate,. These valves are particularly suitable for use on poor water quality, because the . Constant flow rate thermoplastic valves for ultra-pure and corrosive liquids. These flow controls are designed for liquids similar in viscosity to water.

Precise flow control in process system performance and in the case of plumbing systems, it provides comfort of use at low pressure as well as water and energy saving at high pressure. Dole Flow Regulator Valve Typical Applications:. FNPT Stainless Steel Dole valve manufactured by HG Spec. Designed to restrict water to an GPM maximum flow rate.

HG Spec offers a complete line of flow regulators and control valves for a wide variety of applications. HG Spec’s flow regulators help to keep a consistent rate of . Well is about 260′ deep with static water 30′ below the surface of the groun. Dole Restrictor Valve to limit the maximum flow of the pump:.

The other is to use the Dole Valve to control the pump’s output, and that . We are proud to stock the following Dole products:.