Dunlop major foot pump

Very interesting old vintage garage tool. Working pump but flexible hose has perished and needs replacing. After some TLC and a re-paint would look great in an old vintage garage or as an accessory for vintage car, camper-van etc.

If you like vintage foot pumps as I do, you’ll love this site! Goodrich, Wood Milne, Kismet, Dunlop, Aerite, Sutty etc. In fact the range, variety and quality of Dunlop pumps is equalled only by one other famous.

The earliest Wood Milne foot pump patent dates from 1911.

Sheffiel PCL started somewhat later than many of the other major pump makers. The kismet duplex master is a complex double acting ‘pump in a pump’ design capable of pressurising tyres or any pressure containment. Oct 20- We are often asked for leather pump cups, (washers), for items other than stoves and lamps. Here you will find a selection of pumps as supplied with the vehicles.

Jul 20- Or Kismet Garage Foot Pump, two stage, for garage use, pressure testing. Use an old Dunlop Junior footpump myself, excellent bit of kit. Kismet Duplex – 7(with original boxes) Kismet Trolley Compressor – 1.