Durite battery isolator

Battery Isolator – 250A at 24V and 2150A. Battery Isolator – 100A at 24V and 500A.

Battery Isolator – Single Pole – 12V. Battery Isolator – Single Pole – 24V. Battery Isolator – Double Pole – 250A at 24V and. Battery Isolator – Single Pole Remotely .

Battery isolator with removable key in the ‘On’ or ‘Off’ positions. Rated 1amps at volts, 5amps for seconds. Rotary Marine Battery Isolator and Changeover Switch – 310A Continuous.

Marine battery isolator and change over switch with solid copper contacts. DURITE 0-605-0 Marine Battery Isolator, Changeover Switch, 0-605-0 Battery Isolator Switch, Switches, UK, DURITE 0-605-0 Marine Battery Isolator, . DURITE, 0-605-2 100A, Rate 24V, battery, isolator, with keys, Isolator Switch, 1amp Isolator Switch, 0-605-2 UK, DURITE 0-605-2 100A Rated at 24V . Durite 0-605-Battery Isolator Switch 270amp. Battery Isolator Switch with fixed Control Knob – Ideal for many applications including .

In this range we stock, Marine Battery Isolators, Marine Double Pole Battery Isolators, Double Pole Switch with Metal Key,. Battery Isolator with Removable Key Splash proof Cover. Battery Switch Marine Marine battery isolator with removable key and splashproof cover Rated 1amps at volts 5amps for seconds Mstuds.