Economy 7 hot water tank not working

Oct 20- Economy water not heating overnight. Ehas stopped working, it is not coming on at night when the radiators come on. The hot water heater booster button has stopped working, the normalĀ .

We have an immersion heater that is supposed to run on economy electricity and heat up our water through the night. Economy ProblemspostsApr 2016Horstmann Economy Not Producing Enough Hot WaterpostsApr 2014Economy part of hot water cylinder not workingpostsMay 2012Immersion Heater Stat Keeps TrippingpostsJul 2011More from talk. Economy hot water not working – MoneySavingExpert. The hot water tank has two switches (one to the bottom, one about mid-way up), butĀ .

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A common problem is that the water provided is too hot. New property has economy boiler and I can’t understand how to get it to.

Our old house had a heater we could have on all the time which was bliss but. A brief clip showing how to turn down a thermostat on an economy hot water system. Apr 20- The water heater doesn’t seem to be working either but she says it has some.